Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kaniche` Rums

     One of the Extra Aged winners at the Rum Bahamas Festival last weekend was Kaniche XO
Double Wood.   This is a rum that is distilled in Barbados, aged in Bourbon casks then shipped to Cognac, France and finished in Cognac casks.

Alexandre Gabriel`
     It, I assume is another  of the fine creations of Alexandre Gabriel`.   Gabriel` was the youngest to
be asked to be the master blender of any of the major wine family's in the Cognac region of France in 1989.
     "I met a small Cognac producer who needed help selling his products to finish off his stock. This was Cognac Ferrand. I fell in love with the product and with the region. It all reminded me of what I grew up around. So when I was invited to become a partner and told that no one was going to continue if I didn’t, I just said….yes.”

     His work with the Plantation Rums fro Cognac Ferrand is legendary, and it seems that Kaniche` XO is following in the footsteps of the rest of the rums that are being finished by Cognac Ferrand.

     Though I have not gotten my hands on a bottle of this rum as of yet,  I am passing on information from colleagues that I trust the opinions of.


$120.00 in the 700ml size


Kaniché rums come from Barbados, one of the most representative rum centers in the Caribbean. The Barbados style is very specific, the rums are round, smooth and powerful. Distilled in Barbados, Kaniché XO has been aged in bourbon casks and finished in Cognac casks in order to reach an optimum refinement.


Showing many exotic notes of sugarcane, oaky vanilla, coconut and cocoa, this rum develops an exceptionally  round palate.


Barbados  then France
     I hope this answers the questions that I have been getting in reference to what looks to be a really fine rum expression.   ;o)