Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An Awakening on the Aft Deck

Sittin' on the back deck of my boat yesterday afternoon, got me thinking how blessed my life has become.    Living the way that I do down here in paradise and my involvement with the world of rum.     It really doesn't set in very often that this is not your every day normal way of life.    I'm actually going to get off of the rock for a week in a mid April for the Rum Renaissance in Miami, but usually when I go somewhere, the best part of the trip is arriving back home in Key West.     Sure I go to work virtually every day between the blog and the bar, but these too are things that I really enjoy doing.     Working with people that are here to have fun and play makes it fun for me too.  It's like attending a party every day, whether it is at the bar or just talking to people down at my favorite watering hole, it is really hard to separate work from play.

     It is really funny that it takes a "slow" afternoon with a friend on the boat to wake me up to the reality of living is a paradise like I do.      I guess that the name on the back of the boat really fits.      "Sanity Too", it's the real bonus of living, playing, and working on and around the thousands of little keys that make up the Florida Keys and our little corner of the world called "Key West".      Thanks for bearing with me as I am rambling about livi9ng and life in Key West, I really do like it here.   ;o)