Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiburon Rum: Premium Crafted Small Batch Aged Rum

     I received a bottle of 4 year old Tiburon Rum yesterday and I was in for a real surprise as I sampled it.   This is the rum that Basil Destefano created out of his love for the spirit.  "I have been a big rum enthusiast for years!   I kind of always thought I wanted to have my own rum, but never was able to find one worth putting my name on."   That was until he made contact with the people at Travellers Liquors in Belize.  This partnership has produced a fine new rum that has a full bodied and exciting flavor.
     Tiburon rum is aged in several different types of barrels first, then blended together by the master blender, the placed in bourbon barrels for a second resting.   The rum is a blend of small batch four, six and eight-year-old rums.   Tiburon Rum is producing 12,000 bottles a year to start with and see what the demand will allow in the future.

     Tiburon, Spanish for “shark,” has a golden amber color that draws your eye in to the expression. Tiburon's aroma of vanilla with hints of caramel lead you to a full-bodied rum, with  flavors of pepper, caramel, cappuccino, dried fruits and molasses.  The rum has a spicy and smooth finish that lingers for further enjoyment .  Tiburon Rum will work well as a mixer for your premium cocktails as well as a fine sipper.

    The rum retails at around $59.00 a bottle, but the flavor makes it worth every penny.  ;o)