Friday, May 27, 2016

Lookout St. Croix, Bahama Bob is Here

Fort Frederik Opened in 1760 and the site of the Rum Festival
     Today is the start of the St. Croix Rum Festival for me.  We will be judging rums, cocktails and I'm told even a Bikini contest.   What a deal, looks like a very busy schedule and I can hardly wait to get things started.

My Room
     I arrived at three in the afternoon and I was taken immediately to my room at Fort Frederik on the West end of St. Croix.  This is a fort built by the Dutch in the 1750's and opened in 1760 to protect the settlers from the pirates.  I was really scared, but they told me they were just kidding and later took me to The Palms, a great resort in the Christianstad area.
     If you are anywhere in the area, stop on by and enjoy the festive weekend of rum, food and fum at Fort Frederik in Frederiksted, St. Croix on Sunday and at the Palms on Saturday evening.   There more things happening that I can begin to tell you about so make sure you get there to experience them for yourself.

View from My Room at The Palms
     As usual I'll be keeping everyone filled in on all of the action every day on the blog and some other exciting things that happen during the week.   I know that I will have some time to explore the island and maybe get to stop by a distillery or two, time permitting.  Looking forward to getting into gear and enjoying this huge first annual festival.