Friday, May 13, 2016

Gruppo Campari Tests New Spiced Rum Brand, Baron Samedi

     Gruppo Campari is testing a new spiced rum as it looks to extend its presence in the category.   Speaking to analysts following the release of the company's first-quarter results yesterday, CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz said the move was a "major new innovation" for the company. The new product is called Baron Samedi - named after a Haitian voodoo god.   "The spiced rum world is awash with sailors, pirates, admirals and such," Kunze-Concewitz said. 

Baron Samedi James Bond Movie
  "We're coming with, I think, a very distinctive proposition built on the voodoo storytelling available in the Caribbean.   So, let's see how that goes." Kunze-Concewitz did not disclose test markets on the call but the Baron Samedi website's age gate gives Australia, Canada, US and Mexico as country options.  

     The Baron Samedi features Caribbean column still rum and a small amount of Jamaican pot still rum.   It is made up of 100% natural ingredients including vanilla,  cocoa, cinnamon and our signature spice, Haitian Vetiver - a bunch grass that adds earthy and woody notes.

      On the palate, it is smooth and rich.  Baron Samedi is specifically blended to be paired with traditional spiced rum mixers such as cola or ginger beer, or to be enjoyed as a shot.  Served up at 45% abv this is not your mamby-pamby spiced rum.  It truly packs a punch.  Suggested Retail price is around $29.00.