Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Rum is Coming out of the Still at Hemingway Rum Company Distillery

Left To Right Bahama Bob Leonard, Shawn Martin and Carlton Grooms
   After eight days of the fermentation, the wash was transferred to the still and the fresh rum came pouring out from the end pipe of the condenser.  This is the big day for the entire crew that everyone has been waiting for when the fresh rum would start pouring out of the end pipe and put the distillery really in business.  The Rum will be passed through the solera for preparation before it is added the the rest of the aged blend and it becomes a part of the Papa's Pilar Rum.  We are still a little more than a week away from bottling the first batch.

The Rum Begins to flow out of the Still
     This first round of rum making has brought a lot of excitement to the crew here at the distillery and as each step unfolds for the first time the excitement rises again.  We all went through the first training session this week for the bottling line.  Everything is falling into place as we inch closer to putting our rum on the shelf for sale in the trading post.

     The four year journey to production is over and the Hemingway Rum Company is now underway and looking forward to all the new adventures that the future in rum making will be offering.   These are the "good ole days", and all the fun and excitement will be continuing for quite some time.