Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cartavio XO and Rat Key, What a Combination.

     It is another dog day of August and headed out of the sun to Rat Key with a bottle of Cartavio XO
for the perfect rum sipping afternoon.   Light breezes beautiful blue water and a bottle of fine rum make these afternoons of a pirate perfect.  Wish you could all join us in this wonderful experience.

Cartavio XO
     The Cartavio XO Rum from Peru is a very unique expression that has so many connections to great rums from around the world.   From the 18 years spent in French and American Oak Barrels to tall of the experience of Federico Schultz, master distiller and blender, this is a Thoroughbred rum.    Frederico Shults is another graduate of  Havana Club and an apprentice to Don Pancho Fernandez, bringing great expertise to Cartavio's rum making.  Classic packaging with the wire cap retainer makes this an attractive eye catching expression you can't walk past.

     I have to say that a perfect day is being made better as I lean back at the water's edge and enjoy the beautiful mahogany color and sweet and lightly spicy aromas that are flowing from my glass.  There is an initial sweetness that grows warmer and spicier as it carries itself to the warm and spicy finish that seems to linger and linger.

     All you have to do to enjoy your life like a pirate as I am is find a water's edge and a wonderful bottle of your favorite rum, Cartavio is a great example.  Just put "your ass in lawn chair and your toes in the sand" and call out a hearty "ARGH" and enjoy the rum and the moment.  ;o)