Friday, October 2, 2015

Granada Six Saints Rum

     My first introduction to Six Saints Rum was in a flask hidden inside a bible.  The rum got my

attention immediately.  I'm really looking forward to its arrival at the Rum Bar in Key West soon so I can share it with my rum loving customers.
    The minute you arrive in Grenada, you  sense the aromas of spice in the air.    Grenada is a of leading grower of Nutmeg and other spices earning it the nickname of the Spice Isle.     The air is sweet and refreshing it enlivens the whole place.   Grenada’s rums also have their own flavor as well. 
     Six Saints is made fro only the best of ingredients and aged i once used bourbon barrels.  Named for the six parishes of Grenada, the rum has gained a bit of righteousness of its own. .   Six Saints is a pale amber color, with the sweet aroma of brown sugar and fruit.   The flavor on the palate includes hints of fruit, oak and bourbon.   The finish is smooth, but, at 41.7 percent ABV, adds a pepperiness to the robust finale.   The result is a fine rum, that Grenada can be proud of.   
Grenada Six Saints Rum
     "The devout islanders of Grenada have been quietly hand crafting rum for over 200 years. Named after the Caribbean isle’s six saintly parishes, we distill divine natural rum, the way it has always been.    Using only the most hallowed ingredients, it’s then matured in once used bourbon barrels and presented at 41.7% the perfect sipping strength.   You might say Six Saints is a truly immaculate conception!"

     Many larger islands get more attention drawn to their rums, but the Spice Isle has long been held in high regard for their rums, following in a more than two centuries of tradition at three  distilleries:  River Antoine, Clark’s Court and Grenada Distillers.   The latter is the home of the new Six Saints Rum, which launched earlier this year in most markets in the US and includes the tagline: “The Righteous Spirit of the West Indies.”
     Looking forward to seeing this rum's arrival at the Rum Bar and be able to share it with my friends and rum lovers.