Friday, December 21, 2012

The Beginning of a New Cycle: Hopefully and Improvement

     A lot has been bantered around about the world ending at 6:11AM EST, but it is after 8 and I can no longer procrastinate writing today's blog.   I guess the predictions are as usual a pile of "horse feathers" and we must go ahead with living as usual. 

    The truth about the Mayan Calender is that the civilization was gone before the end of their calender.   The Mayans were scientists and great observers of the things around them.   Just because the did not create a calender for the next cycle it doesn't mean that there wasn't going to be another cycle.

     This is a new cycle starting today, one that I hope will bring some sanity to this world that we live in.    It is a chance to start with a clean slate and make tings better this time around.   It is my sincere hope that people will start respecting the ways and views of others as they expect others to respect their views and ways.

    This is our new calender, it goes into effect in 11 days.   This is the time to make a sincere effort to make things better, not to just talk about it and repeat the rhetoric, it's time to "do".

    I think it is time to celebrate the new cycle and go have a  glass of nice rum add a couple of cubes and just hope that the future is brighter than the past.   ;o)