Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Here is a New Taste for Whiskey Drinkers

Bacardí Ocho
     There has been a lot of people that have become something of “whiskey snobs” in the past years, be here is a rum that can offer you a chance to try something else that will widen your horizons in the area of brown spirits.  This is one of those rums that gives you a lot of the satisfaction of whiskey with more layers of flavor.
     Created in 1862, BACARDÍ OCHO remained the sole preserve of the Bacardí family for seven generations. Used only for the most special occasions, this golden sipping rum is one of the oldest private rum blends in the world.     Each batch is made from a special selection of barrel-aged reserve rums and aged for a minimum of 8 years, giving it a refined flavor with notes of prune, apricot, nutmeg and vanilla.