Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wealth Solutions Releases 20 Year Old Rum from Closed Caroni Distillery in Trinidad and Tobago

     This is a great event for the people of Trinidad and Tabago in addition to the rum lovers of the world.  The once state operated Caroni Distillery will live on in more than legend with the release of these vintage rums.

     Feel the rhythm of Caribbean carnival with glass of Caroni rum in your hand!  The Caroni Distillery was located on Trinidad and its home country is known, among the others, from music and carnival.

    With these three editions they plan to pay tribute to three music genres which were created or developed on this beautiful and exotic island. The label of each edition presents different character referring to particular type of music, carnival dancer, parang singer, and man playing on traditional steelpan. In addition, the colors of the labels and boxes refer to the colors of flag of the Trinidad and Tobago, because Caroni was a state distillery.