Monday, October 24, 2011

Fantasyfest is in Full Swing in Key West

     The weekend of Goombay has officially kicked off Fantasyfest for 2011.     Tonight is the 12th Annual Kelly's Kinky Karnival, with the Finnegan's Wake Green Party and Captain Tony's Party in Plaid tomorrow night.     This is only the start of this week of complete debauchery and drunkenness on and around Old Town Key West.

     This is an annual event that has drawn the a very diverse crowd that really enjoys what Fantasyfest is about.     The party starts at 9pm and runs til closing with the crowd dancing to the DJ and drinking and having a frolicking good time.   Kelly's Kinky Karnival is one of the most infamous events of Fantasyfest, and it is not even on the Fantasyfest schedule.     To be allowed admission you have to be dressed in fetish attire.     Buy your tickets during the day today or be there early because it will sell out quickly.     Once your in just have fun with the S & M demonstrations and the raunchiest great time that is spread out on both floors and  the tropical garden.     This party has something for every one.

     Tuesday brings the Captain Tony's Party in Plaid and Finnegan's Wake Green Party to the forefront of the nights events.    Captain Tony's Party in Plaid is a party you can pay the cover and go inside or just hang out on the street and have a great time as well.     Make sure that you wear plaid to stay in the spirit of the party,  then you can really become a part of the fun and frolic.     The other big party is of course, Finnegan's Wake Green Party.    The dress is green and the rest is up to you and you imagination.   They have a contest for the best "Eco Green Wear"

     No matter what events you attend during the week, Fantasyfest is a great adults party that you need to attend .     ;o)