Monday, January 15, 2018

What Type of Drinker Are You?

Judi James
      I found this to be a very interesting article.  My time behind the bar has given me an interesting insight of the way that people drink and their mannerisms.  I feel like Judi James has categorized them perfectly.  I hope you get as big of kick out of this as I did.

    Judi James, says there are seven different types of drinking personalities.  The Splash Drinker doesn't waste time over drink as they're too eager to dance.  Shot Clinker is always the center of attention without even realizing,
Sip Drinker is a strategic type who evaluates how to maximize pleasure.   

     Are you a highly sociable shot clinker, or a clever pleasure-seeker who knows the value of taking your time over your favorite drink?   According to body language expert Judi James, there are seven different types of drinking personalities that you'll usually observe if you take the time to look around you next time you're on a night out at the pub.   While some are more interested in how aesthetically pleasing their drink will look on social media, others prioritize hitting the dancefloor - and you can tell who is who just by observing their mannerisms and body language.

The Splash Drinker

     When drinking a cocktail such as a Pornstar Martini, they will splash the shot of prosecco into the glass without much thought.   'The splash drinker will have very practical, down-to-earth body-language' Judi explained. 'They'll be no-nonsense and you'll have no trouble spotting them as they'll be the first on the dance floor.'   Rather than spending time savoring a fancy cocktail the splash drinker just wants to get on with it so they can enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.    'With them, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, they don't mess around,' Judi explained.

The Squeeze Drinker

     This drinker will make no bones about dipping their fingers into a perfectly-presented cocktail and squeezing a slice of passion fruit.  'The squeeze defines themselves as tactile and literally hands-on; they are creative and crave attention,' Judi explained.   'They can be a bit of a performer in life generally, happily taking center stage at social events and parties and encouraging others to enjoy themselves too.'

The Share Drinker

     'Some cocktail drinkers just love to share their pleasure with others, not only enjoying their cocktail but handing it round so everyone can take a sip,' Judi said.   'They are a generous, happy-go-lucky giver. They would tend to beam as they perform their act of generosity and then perform a strong bonding ritual that makes others instantly warm to them.   You'll most likely find them in the middle of the party.'

The Shot - Clinker

     This personality type is 'highly sociable, with a strong work-hard play-hard ethic'.  'They know what they want and that's to be social,' Judi said. 'They will be the center of attention without realizing it, and first to get the party started.'  'They enjoy pack-partying, out in a group and often selecting the shot ritual of clinking glasses to intensify the fun via group or team shared activity.

The Snap Drinker

     Everyone has a friend in their group who is the 'social media star'.   Judi explained: 'They will instantly stop and move to snap and share their cocktail on social media.   'This is before they tuck in is revealing their love of sharing the moment with their followers. For any snap drinker it's always Instagram first, drink second.'

The Savor Drinker

     If you fall into this category, you're the type to tune into all your senses and aim to enhance pleasure 'in every way possible'.  'They are the sophisticated taste lover,' Judi continued. 'A clever and indulgent pleasure-seeker, the savor drinker is sophisticated and smart.   'Their body language doesn't always define them as too cool for school as they are happy savoring their drink and letting everyone know just how much they're enjoying it.'

The Sip Drinker 

     This personality type is also a pleasure-seeker, but is more strategic.   'The sipper might look like they are just taking their time but in fact they are the ultimate pleasure-seeker, someone smart and strategic who works at getting the best out of every situation,' Judi said.   'They know that the best things come to those who wait, and are happy to draw out their favorite cocktail. They take care over their movements and are often found thoughtfully enjoying their cocktail.'

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