Thursday, January 10, 2019

Two Rums Make Fortune Magazine’s Best Booze of 2018

     In a year when whiskey and gin have dominated the spirits industry, it is great to see that two rums have made the Best Booze of 2018 list.  This is great to see that the rums are starting to make their way back into popularity again.  These are great representatives of the rum world that made the list in 2018.

Mount Gay XO Peat Expression Rum
Mount Gay only released about 6,000 bottles of this super-unique XO rum, aged 8 to 15 years before finishing for six months in barrels previously reserved for peaty Scotch whisky. This combination might not sound amazing on paper, but it’s superb stuff, with a rich sweetness trailing into a long tail of smoke. Worth the cost (about $250) and effort if you can track it down.

Clairin Vaval Rum

Handmade and distilled to proof from a single varietal of sugar cane juice, like rhum agricole from Martinique, rather than molasses, Clairin stands apart significantly from rums you might be familiar with—it’s grassy, complex, and somewhat briny. Made near the beaches of southwestern Haiti, Clairin Vaval can be a great substitute for standard white rum in citrus-forward drinks such as a daiquiri or mojito.