Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hanging at Your Favorite Pub can be Good for You

  "Regularly going to your local pub makes you happier, healthier and more sociable, new research from Oxford University has found."

     I really have to agree with their findings.  I know that I really enjoy dropping by the Hurricane Hole here on Stock Island after a day at work to chat with many of my friends and chill a bit with a nice cocktail.   I know that it makes me feel good and I enjoy the rest of my evening a lot better when I get back home.  

   “The Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University found that smaller “community style” pubs are better than larger city-center pubs for maintaining more close friends.   While people who regularly go to large pubs tend to have a larger social circle, they have fewer close friends than drinkers that frequent small local pubs, they found.  The study also makes a strong claim that goes against the controversial new UK drinking guidelines, saying that moderate alcohol intake has strong physical and mental health benefits.   “A limited alcohol intake improves well being and some (though not all) social skills, just as it has been shown to improve other cognitive abilities and health, but these abilities decline as alcohol intake increases beyond a moderate level”, a statement accompanying the report said.”
Read More at http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2016/01/going-to-the-pub-is-good-for-you-study-says/ 

     You get to decide for yourself, but in my opinion I believe that the study was if I may use a British term, "spot on".    I find it very enjoyable meeting with all of my friends that are regulars there as well as meeting so many visitors to the pub as well.  I keeps you from turning into a hermit and keeps you in the social world and hones your social skills as well.

     Give it a try, but keep an open mind and I feel like you too will find it very helpful as well.