Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Living Life Instead of Reading About It

     I ran across a Ernest Hemingway quote the other day that is so simple, but makes so much sense.

“In order to write about 
life,  first you have to live
                     Ernest Hemingway

     I find that as I try to create this blog every day, that it is nearly impossible to write about any subject without experiencing it.   Nothing makes a story better that having been there and living the experience.

     It is why I make the time to get out and live like I do.  I keeps the mind alive and filled with new and exciting ideas that I love to share with everyone.  This is something that I feel can help you live your life in a more enjoyable manner and all you have to do is get out and experience life instead of just reading about it through the eyes of others.

     Give this idea a try, I think that you will find your world will become much brighter and things will seem a lot more vivid.  There wasn't any other person that I know of like Ernest Hemingway that truly lived his life out in the world and experienced more things.  I changed his perspective and brought his writing to life.