Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bahama Bob's Vacation Breakfast Cocktail

     Summer Vacation Time is here and this is a great way to wake up from an evening out on the town.  Sit out there on the piazza the next morning and enjoy a Bahama Bob's Breakfast Old Fashion.   This is sure to make your day better from the start.

Bahama Bob’s Breakfast Old Fashion

  • 2 oz. Dooly’s XO
  • 1/2 oz Maple Syrup
  • 4 dashes Whiskey Barrel Bitters
  • Circular Orange Swath 

Fill a shaker tin with liquid ingredients. Fill with ice and then shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe glass with a few Fresh Ice Cubes. Squeeze and drop a circular orange swath into the middle of the glass.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sailor Jerry Adds Savage Apple Marking First Ever New Expression

     William Grant & Sons-owned spiced rum brand Sailor Jerry has launched its first line extension, called Savage Apple.   Sailor Jerry Savage Apple depicts artwork from Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins.   Bottled at 80 proof, Sailor Jerry Savage Apple marks the first line extension from the brand since it launched 19 years ago. The apple-flavored spiced rum has notes of vanilla, cinnamon and apple. 
     “Savage Apple is an amazing addition to the Sailor Jerry story,” said Anthony Bohlinger, Sailor Jerry brand ambassador.   “This is the first new product we’ve ever released, and it is a fantastic liquid; one we know our fans will enjoy for its quality and bold nature.   The bottle design pays tribute to Navy veteran Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins and features a drawing of a tiger from his original artwork. Collins was known for inking soldiers and sailors during World War Two. 

“This summer, Savage Apple is ready to hit bars, beaches, backyard barbecues and more.”   Sailor Jerry Savage Apple has an RRP of US$15.99 and will launch initially in New York and Florida, before rolling out across the US this autumn. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

     Happy Memorial Day to everyone, today is a day that we set aside to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice that we can live our lives in freedom.  It is a day to say thanks to all of those that have served in the military as well.

     Take a few minutes today to give thanks to all of those people.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Bacardi Building in Havana, Cuba

     The Bacardi Building is one of the most notable buildings in Havana.  This building is just awesome inside and out.  The Art Deco Bacardi Building first opened in 1930 as the headquarters for the Bacardi Rum Company, then confiscated in 1960 by the Castro regime.  In 2003 the Office of History began a restoration of the building that has brought it back to its 1930 splendor.  It is a must see if you are a visitor to Havana.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tennessee Williams meets Ernest Hemingway for Lunch at the Floridita in Cuba 1959

Ernest Hemingway Bust in El Floridita

     This is excerpts of a very interesting article by Steve Newman about the lunch meeting  bringing Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Kenneth Tynan and George Plimpton together.  This proved to be an interesting meeting that seemed to be a great experience for all that were there.
     In April 1959, Tynan was travelling to Cuba to interview Fidel Castro, who’d recently chased Batista off the island, and called in to see Tennessee Williams — who was living in Key West at the time — suggesting the playwright might like to come along.
     “I’ve arranged to have lunch with Hemingway at the Floridita tomorrow, “said Tynan, “why not join us?  “Hemingway? You are joking, right? I’ve heard he kicks people like me in the crotch.”  “Nonsense. But if he does I’ll kick him back.”   In the end curiosity got the better of Williams, and the two writers headed off to Cuba.

Tennessee Wiliams
Thomas Lanier “Tennessee” Williams, III was born in Columbus, Mississippi, on March 26, 1911. His first great theatrical hit, The Glass Menagerie, was staged in 1944. From that moment on he never looked back as a playwright. By the time of the lunch with Hemingway, Sweet Bird of Youth had been doing good business on Broadway for a month, and he was now considered, along with Miller and O’Neill, to be one of America’s greatest playwrights.

Kenneth Tynan
     Tynan was a rising star.   Hemingway was on his last legs with only one more book left in him, and suicide just around the corner.   But Williams, who admired Hemingway’s work, still feared the tall and big chested novelist who greeted him and Tynan with handshakes and hugs, as they walked into the famous Floridita bar and restaurant.  Hemingway ordered Papa Doble, The cocktail created just for him by the El Floridita owner, Constantino Ribalaigua Vert, for everyone in the party.  They signed a few autographs and then had to listen to a trio of singers that saluted Hemingway. Hemingway laughed and hugged the singers, tipping them well, before explaining, to Williams and Tynan, that the bronze bust of himself on the bar in the corner was always covered up for Lent.   Hemingway then ordered lunch, lobster with a salad, and white wine.

George Plimpton
     The group were then joined by another journalist, and sometime friend of Hemingway’s, George Plimpton, who spotted that Tennessee looked slightly terrified, and as Plimpton put it “…Tennessee Williams’ tendencies were noticable and I only saw the great respect Hemingway had for him.”   Williams then told Hemingway he’d met the bullfighter Ordóñez in Spain, describing him as “a lovely boy, very friendly, very accessible.” Hemingway said nothing.” Williams then said, I was introduced to Pauline back in Key West. I was very sorry to hear of her death.   “She died like everybody else,” said Ernest, “and after that she was dead.”  There was something of a pause.

     The conversation moved on to the air crashes Hemingway and Mary had suffered in Africa, with Hemingway giving detailed descriptions, and how close they came to death, with Hemingway adding “You can survive on one kidney, but if your liver gives out, you’re through.”  He then made his goodbyes and said what a pleasure it had been to meet you Tennessee, and can I say how much I enjoy your work, although I’ve never seen any of your plays I do enjoy reading them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mount Gay Campaign to Combat Single Use Plastic

     Rum brand Mount Gay has partnered with sea-conservation charity Oceana to launch the More Taste, Less Waste campaign to support the fight against single-use plastic.   Mount Gay Rum has partnered with Oceana to campaign against the use of single-use plastics.   More Taste, Less Waste aims to encourage the reduction of single-use plastics by asking consumers of Mount Gay rum to pledge to cut down on their own plastic use to improve the condition of the world’s oceans.   As part of its environmental commitment, Mount Gay will also ensure everyone is “equipped to sip” with the launch of reusable products at designated accounts and events.
     Dorothee Heriard Dubreuil, brand director of Mount Gay, said: “Mount Gay has a deep appreciation for the environment, from the ingredients used to create our high-end rums derived from the terroir of Barbados to the brand’s longstanding connection to the sea and sailing community.
     “In partnership with a like-minded brand, Oceana, and through the More Taste, Less Waste pledge, we are proactively implementing initiatives to help further reduce our footprint and promote social responsibility while still enjoying Mount Gay cocktails with friends and family across America.”   An estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic pollutes the marine environment each year, according to Oceana, which equates to pouring a rubbish truck full of plastic into the sea every minute.
     Mount Gay will further support Oceana’s efforts through a joint digital ‘call to action’, and offer a list of ways for consumers to get involved with Oceana’s work to reduce single-use plastics during social occasions with friends and family.  This includes promoting a reduction in the use of plastic straws and stirrers, as well as food items and garnishes in single-use plastic containers, and to use reusable cups, bottles and bags.
     Shelly Brown, education director, Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana, said: “Through our policy campaigns and by building a community of eco-conscious boaters who are taking action such as eliminating single-use plastics on their boats as part of our Green Boating initiative via Sailors for the Sea, we are committed to efforts towards reducing plastic pollution.
“We believe this partnership will resonate with people eager to help Oceana win victories for our oceans.”  Over the last year, Barbadian Mount Gay has moved to use compostable cups for all sampling and regatta events, embarked upon a local ‘Skip the Straw’ program and encouraged people to reuse the red Mount Gay thermos cup.
More information on the campaign can be found online at

Sunday, May 19, 2019

An Afternoon Walk on Hilton Head Island

     Hilton Head South Carolina provides a wonderful place to wander with a camera and watch the sun work its magic as it weaves its way through the pine trees in the afternoon.   This is a very unique place to wander and just enjoy your afternoons.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Drum Circle Distillery Introduces Their Latest Expression

     Troy Roberts and his crew have done it again with the introduction of Siesta Key Coffee Rum.  This is in the same vein as their famous toasted coconut expression.  The results I had the chance to taste at the Rum Bar in Key West, a coffee rum that tastes just like a fine cup of black coffee, not some sweetened rum with imitation flavorings.  How does he get all of this flavor in a rum?

     The concept is actually very simple.  He makes it the same way a cowboy would make his coffee, he puts the grounds of his coffee blend directly into the rum and let it infuse the flavor to the rum.  This reminds me of how he puts the toasted coconut into a tea bag like apparatus and let it sit in the rum until the flavor is infused.  When the coffee flavor is right, the grounds are filtered out and the rum is ready to be bottled.

     This could have been accomplished by using some prepared syrup, but Troy believes in using natural flavors and ingredients to bring such full and satisfying flavors to his rums.  The real good news is that you would have to drink a whole bottle of this rum to get the amount of caffeine that would be present in one cup of coffee.

     If you are a coffee drinker and like the flavor of a good cup of coffee, this is a really great new rum for you to give a try.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sailor Jerry Pledges Support for Veterans of the United States Military

     William Grant & Sons-owned spiced rum brand Sailor Jerry has partnered with marketing firm
Anchor Media to donate $100,000 to support US military veterans.  Sailor Jerry has unveiled a limited edition bottle design in honor of Military Appreciation Month.   Sailor Jerry and Anchor Media will donate the money to the United Service Organizations (USO), which works with programs that support service men and women throughout their time in the military and as they adapt to civilian life after serving.

     Ashley Thomas, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum brand ambassador, said: “It’s an honor to expand our USO partnership, given the fact that Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins was greatly influenced by his time serving our country.”   Sailor Jerry’s total contribution to the USO and other military organizations over the past six years now stands at $750,000.   As well as the brand’s latest funding pledge, Sailor Jerry has also unveiled a limited edition bottle design in honor of Military Appreciation Month (May). The bottle will be available at national and local liquor stores across the US for $15.99.

   Thomas said: “With the launch of the new, limited edition bottle wrap, we are proud to celebrate our patriotism, as well as honor the dedicated service of the troops and Norman himself.”

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Very Happy Mothers Day to Mothers Everywhere

     Today is a very special Sunday.  It is Mothers Day, a day that we set aside to honor all of the mothers.  I wish to honor my mother today as well.  I'm only sorry that I won't be able to visit her until June.  This is my heart felt thanks to my mother and I hope that you get to honor yours in some was as well.

     Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers everywhere.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A New Study Published in The Lancet Calls for a Ban Globally on Alcohol Advertising

     It seems that alcohol is heading down the path that smoking took before it.  The alcohol industry has not on its own regulated the advertisement programs, and if it doesn’t soon, the restrictions will follow just like they did for the smoking industries.  This is a wake-up call that the industry needs to take very seriously.

    A major report on global alcohol consumption has recommended an international ban on alcohol marketing and advertising.  The world is “not on track” to achieve targets to reduce harmful drinking, according to a new report in The Lancet journal.    The study, published in The Lancet, looked at alcohol intake in 189 countries between 1990 and 2017, during which time consumption increased from 5.9 liters of pure alcohol a year per adult to 6.5 liters. Researchers forecast that consumption will further increase to 7.6 liters by 2030.  As a result of increased alcohol consumption and population growth, the total volume of alcohol consumed globally per year has increased by 70% in the past 27 years.

     The report highlights the shifting geography of drinking levels, with reductions in Europe more than offset by increases in Southeast Asia. In particular, alcohol intake increased in countries with a growing middle class, such as India, China and Vietnam. By 2030, Europe is no longer predicted to have the highest level of alcohol use.   The estimates also suggest that by 2030 half of all adults will drink alcohol, and almost a quarter, 23% will binge drink at least once a month.
According to researchers, increasing rates of alcohol use mean the world is “not on track” to achieve targets to reduce harmful drinking. The World Health Organization (WHO) is aiming to see a 10% reduction in harmful alcohol use by 2025.   The volume of alcohol consumed is growing faster than the number of drinkers, leading to an “increased alcohol-attributable disease burden”.

    “Based on the data, the aim of reducing the harmful use of alcohol by 10% by 2025 will not be reached globally,” according to author Jakob Manthey,.     “Instead, alcohol use will remain one of the leading risk factors for the burden of disease for the foreseeable future, and its impact will probably increase relative to other risk factors. Implementation of effective alcohol policies is warranted, especially in rapidly developing countries with growing rates of alcohol use.”  The report researchers are calling for the implementation of measures including increased taxation, restricted availability, and a ban on alcohol marketing and advertising at a global level.  Price or availability-based policies are important, strict restrictions on advertising and other promotional activities are crucial to slow the growing demand for alcohol in these countries.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Toby Tyler Introduces One Drop Tequila Barrel Finished Rum

Afrohead and One Drop Rums

     You can call it cask-finishing or barrel finishing or secondary aging or whatever you like.   But it’s no secret that using the barrels that once held other spirits to give different personalities to rum is an increasingly prominent trend in the rum world.  It’s one that remains best executed in Martinique, where distilleries like Rhum Depaz and Rhum HSE continue to set the global standard for their cask-finished rums.

     And while we’ve seen all kinds of finishes, from port to sherry to Highland whisky, there’s one spirit that has not thus far given its personality to any rum: tequila.   But master blender Toby Tyler, the man behind the celebrated Afrohead — and, more recently, the Jamaica by way of Harbour Island Bahamas rum called One Drop, has pushed the envelope again with a new expression finished in Tequila barrels.

     It’s called, fittingly, “Cactus & Cane.”  It’s a limited edition One Drop that takes seven-year-old Jamaican rum and sends it for nearly eight months in ex-tequila barrels.   It’s a seriously robust rum, with the proof pushed to 102 and the result is, well, something totally new in the rum world.  So what’s it like?  The rum has a pale golden color, with an aroma dominated by honey, anise and white pepper.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

A Small Mangrove Beach Where I Only Found Tracks in the Sand

     I was out on my dinghy the other day drifting around the mangrove keys to the north of me in the Gulf of Mexico.  I stopped at a little mangrove key on a very small beach and was amazed that the only things I found on it were footprints of birds and a couple of tennis shoes.   It is really to bad that the majority of the places I drift into are littered with debris that is left behind by lazy boaters.

     With a little bit if fore thought and a trash bag, you can bring your trash back to the dock with you and dispose of it in a proper manner instead of adding to the trash pollution of our waters.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Transparency of What is in the Rum is the Key


     There seems to be a lot of very strong feelings about how rum flavors are obtained.   Based upon the strong responses to the Richard Seale article that I posted on Tuesday.  I do have to say that opinions on this subject vary widely, but it is my opinion that it all boils down to transparency.  I ran across a rum that I had not seen before this past week so I went on line to learn about it and found that there was an honesty about what it was and contained.

     "The production process is overseen by Carlos Esquivel, who controls the most important production details of Martí rums including growing the distillery’s own cane, using yeast isolated from the skin of pineapples grown on the estate and using select American oak barrels for aging.  As relatively dry rums, Martí Plata is an excellent base for building classic rum cocktails. Martí rums contain less than 5 grams of total sugar per liter."

     This is what can help with the debate over what is added to make individual rums taste like they do, by being honest of what is added to the pure rum and where the sugar cane and yeast are sourced..  Marti Plata is a 3 year old silver rum that has been aged three years in American Oak barrels that were previously filled bourbon.   The label covers the way, what and how this rum is created .