Monday, May 30, 2016

The St. Croix Rum Festival Has Been a Real Blast

Millennium Monument at the East End
     Time really flies when you are enjoying yourself some place.  The historic tour Friday and Saturday, the rum judging just after lunch and the Pre-Rum Festival Cocktail Party from 7 until 10 pm.  What a fun event this has turned out to be, not to mention the plus of hanging out in St. Croix. Sunday we head over the Fort Frederik for the Main Event, the Flavor of Rum Festival.

Heather, Mark, Tanya and Bahama Bob Judging the Rum
   The Tasting Competition went off well with the 24 rums that were submitted by Premier - Glazer Distributing in St. Thomas for judging.  The has some really fine expressions in 5 different categories to taste and critique.   The results have been calculated and the awards will be presented tomorrow during the Festival at Fort Frederik.

     The four judges spent a little over an our to evaluate the 24 rums.   The process went very smoothly with the crew from  Premier - Glazer Distributing doing the pouring and delivery of the rums to the judges.   The judges really enjoyed the experience and were somewhat surprised by how they rated many of the rums that they thought they were in love with in a blind judging.

Enjoyment of the Audience
     It was off the the St. Croix Rum Festival Pre-Party next.  This was a very nice cocktail party with some really great entertainment keeping the atmosphere upbeat and every one's feet moving all evening.   There was also a wonderful opportunity to sip some very nice rum expressions there while listening to the music.   The entertainment was very talented and had the attention of the audience.   The party never slowed from start to finish and a good time was had by all attending.

Fort Frederik 
    Sunday and time for the Main Event at Fort Frederik.  This is going to be fun, I'm a part of the judging panel to evaluate the Caribbean Food, Cocktail  and the most fun of all, the Bikini Contest.  By the end of the night I'm sure that I'll be totally worn out and ready to crash out at The Palms.

Food Display
     The event itself was a lot of fun, it was a cultural event for
Brazilian Dancers
the island sharing the foods, music and the rums of the Caribbean.  The musical entertainment was exciting and had a strong reggae flavor to it. Great and talented performers of dance and song kept the crowds tapping their feet all day long.   As the day was going to night the fire dancers brought the night to life with their spectacular antics.

Bikini Contest Winners
     The Bikini Contest was eye opening, but Christian Delpach, 19 time Flair Bartender champion and
I were in full agreement as to the winner and runner up.  Christian performed is flair show to the complete excitement of the crowds.  The winners for the Rum Barbecue was decided along with the results of the rum judging. and the winners rewarded.

     The music took us to thee close of the night for some really tired people that worked behind the scenes and made the entire event a success.