Friday, April 13, 2012

Enjoying Your Premium Rums

     Premium Rums are something that you can't just slam down and say, "wow that was smooth" and move on tho the next one.     Premium rums are something that you just sip and savor, allowing the flavors to melt into your palate and carry through to the finish.    Americans seem to be in a hurry to get everything done, and don't "take the time to smell the roses" in most everything they do.   Enjoying of fine premium quality rum is not permitted for those who must "chug" or "slam" their liquors.   This is not the way to enjoy the experience of fine rum.

     A  snifter of fine quality rum is to be savored by the nose, palate and throat in it journey through your senses.    The aroma must lead you to the palate and then to the throat as the nectar passes it's way through your tasting and smelling receptors.    A snifter of premium rum should take 45 minutes to an hour to finish if you are going to be able to extract all of the pleasure and enjoyment from these nectar's of the spirit god's.

    All you need to do is just find an easy chair, sit back, and start drawing in the aroma of your favorite premium rum and let the rest of the world go away.    This experience really does wonders for your entire being.     Make the world go away for a hour or so and learn to enjoy your favorite premium sugarcane spirit  tonight.     How you feel afterward this evening and tomorrow will make you   wonder why you haven't tried this before today.     ;o)