Thursday, October 18, 2018

Getting to Havana, a Great Part of the Journey

First Sight of Cuba From the Air

Baseball Field at a Factory
Amusement Park West of Havana
     We lifted off from Key West International Airport about 8:30 am banked to the right and we were off to Cuba.  The flight took close to an hour, which flew by very quickly and out the side window I noticed the Cuban coastline.   As we began our approach to Jose Marti Airport, I began to notice a lot of things on the ground as we dropped out of the clouds for our final approach.

Heading to Work
Getting to Work is Interesting
     After landing, we got aboard a car and headed from the airport to Havana.  The trip on the ground was as interesting as the flight.  People headed to bus stops and driving down the road headed for work.  Everything from cars, buses, horse drawn carts, scooters or walking; they do what they have to do to get to their jobs like we have to in the United States.

Waiting for the Bus
Traffic is beginning to Build as we Approach Havana
     It took almost as long to get from the airport to Havana as it did to get to Cuba in the first place.  The trip was an eyeful as we were in a traffic jam most of the way.  The part that makes the trip the most interesting is what you find on the road.  It is like we went through a time warp to 1959 and the cars and transportation seems to be like it was back then.  Once we got to Havana, the fun began, a story I'll fill you in on on a later date.

Arriving in Downtown Havana With the Jose Marti Memorial in Front of Us