Thursday, October 24, 2013

From the Roof of the Inglaterra Hotel

From the roof top down Prado to Harbor
     On the plaza in Old Havana there are many fine hotels, Telegrafo, Park, and  Plaza, but there is a very unique one right next door to the Telegrafo call the Inglaterra Hotel.    This is a hotel that first opened in December of 1875, in the days of the wall around Havana to protect it from the pirates, corsairs, and invaders.    At the corner of Prado and San Rafael Streets she stands in all of the glory that is  Old Havana.  There are many tile paintings on the sidewalk and the pillars that are copies of paintings that are hung in the Louvre in Paris.  The coffee shop at street level's name was changed in 1863 from Café y Salones de Escauriza to El Louvre" because of all of the tile images at the entrance..   

National Theater and El Capitolo
     On the roof there is a fine restaurant and bar that serves wonderful daiquiris, mojitos and other fine cocktails as you sit in awe of the landscape around you.    From this marvelous vantage point you see all the sculptures atop the National Theater (Taco'n Theater), The Bacardi Building, The Prado to the harbor and El Capitolo.   This roof top is so breath taking  in all directions, you just can't see all there is to see on the first visit.

Top of the Bacardi Building

     Sitting down to a fabulous dinner as the sun begans to set on this our first evening in Havana on this trip.  The sun set is just beautiful and the city takes on a mysterious glow as the sun begins to set.   I feel very privileged to have been able to experience the City and the Ingleterra Hotel's spectacular roof top café with so many of my friends.   The early evening of dinner and cocktails is just absolutely unbeatable.   ;o)