Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day Three and Still the Rain Remains

     You can see the blue skies trying to push the grey clouds away, but the storm clouds are winning for now.  This is the rainiest summer that I can remember here in Key West.  The grey sky and the streaks of sunshine trying to push its way through.   I'm beginning to feel twinges of "cabin fever" setting in, I want to get out on the water to do some drifting and photography, but it just isn't happening these days.

     The nice days seem to be my work days, but that isn't all bad either.  It is easier to go to work and be the fun loving bartender when the sun is shining.   I guess that I would love to have a sunny blue sky day to bring the waters to life and my spirits back to a state of joy again.

     The tough part about this weather is looking out at what is normally beautiful blue, aqua, and green waters and seeing grey in its place.   Today like so many of these days will pass too and the sunshine will return.   The good news is that the ocean temps are down from their usual near 90 degree mark for this time of year and lessening the chances for tropical development in the area now.

    I'm looking for sunny days ahead, but for right now I'll just keep a stiff upper lip and smile the grey sky away and
dream of the blue skies again.  ;o)