Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bacardi Has Introduced a "Bartender Friendly " New Bottle

     Bacardi introduced yesterday its new ergonomic bottle for the top three expressions.  The new bottle will also reflect new names for the brands the remind us of their Cuban roots.  The bottles are taller and better balanced for bartenders to pull them off of the speed racks behind the bar.

     Caroline Hipperson, Bacardi global brand director, said the global launch of the new bottles today marks Bacardi’s “Founders Day”, the anniversary of the birth of the business in Cuba in 1862.  “Our vision was to create a bottle that told the story of Bacardi, its unique heritage and the masterful crafting that goes into the creation of each of our premium rums; one that makes bartenders proud to pour Bacardi rum for the next 150 years,” she said.
     The new labeling has brought back the Iconic "Bacardi Bat" to the label as it continues to go back to its roots in the way they are presenting themselves.  The new bottle marks the first time that a bottle was made for the needs of the bartenders that handle it every day.     “The new bottle shape is taller and slimmer with improved weight distribution, all designed to enable bartenders to grab the bottle more quickly from the speed rail.”
     The public and the bartenders are expected to be able to see these new bottles and labels in April of this year.  I'm looking forward to getting to the Miami Rum Festival this year where I'm sure that they will be on display for us to handle and see the new labels.