Friday, August 19, 2011

Rum Lab Reopens Today with Vizcaya Cask 12

Vizcaya Cask 12 is a new acquisition at the Rum Bar that is lighter than the Vizcaya Cask 21, but has a full flavor profile.      This lighter and more delicate rum is priced so that it is practical to use in cocktails and still has it's own distinctive flavors.     I'm looking forward to development of some new cocktails this afternoon using this the Vizcaya Cask 12 rum.    It is my expectation that this rum because of it's own strong flavor profile will best lend itself to more simple cocktail recipes rather than  more complex ones.    It's broad flavor spectrum will make it complicated and harder not to have conflicting tastes prevail in the cocktail.     This was one of the challenges that we faced in the development of the Denizen Cocktails as well.

     I'll have some new cocktails for you tomorrow.    This is going to be a fun and challenging day in the Rum Lab.    All of us involved will be analyzing and rechecking all of our results to make sure that only the most flavorful cocktail recipes are released.

     Watch for tomorrow's post for the results of today's efforts.    ;o)