Monday, November 5, 2018

Recovering From Mother Natures Rage

     A little more than a year after Irma and Maria devastated the Caribbean along with Florida and the Florida Keys, there has been a lot of progress, but the recovery is far from complete.  I talked with some friends from St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands and they have finally gotten their internet back within the past month.  Things are a lot better and many of the tourist sites are back in operation, but the overall infrastructure is still not back in full operation.

Little Palm Island a Month After Irma Hit

     Here in the Florida Keys the hardest hit areas of the middle keys are making a strong recovery, and much of the restoration is done or well under way.  Cruising down the coast to Bahia Honda last month I noticed that much of the debris that was there last October, was gone and many of the houses have been repaired.   Living in Key West where most all of the repairs have been completed months ago you don't have a good picture of what is really still happening in the heaviest devastation areas.

Mexico Beach after Michael
     I know the feeling of having your world turned upside down by a natural disaster, and how long it
takes to bring thing back to what was before.  My sympathy lies with those in the panhandle of Florida as they are just beginning the long process of recovery from Michael.  It is a long process that feels like it will never end, but eventually the tasks will be completed and life will return to normal.  Keep a strong outlook for recovery and you will get there.