Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mount Gay Introduces the Next in the Mount Gay 1703 Series

     Rémy Cointreau has added a new expression to its ultra-premium Mount Gay 1703 rums, the new expression is being called Mount Gay 1703 Master Select.   Mount Gay 1703 Master Select is a blend of copper column and copper pot rums, aged between 10 and 30 years. Stocks that are being used to create the blend were individually selected by Mount Gay’s master blender Allen Smith.

     Around 12,000 bottles of Mount Gay 1703 Master Select will be released globally at price of  US$150.00.  This rum, which has an abv rating of 43%, features a new bottle design for the annual 1703 range.   The range was first launched in 2009, and been a real hit ever since.   “The most important ingredient in 1703 Master Select is time,” Allen Smith said,  “We spend years carefully monitoring our rarest barrels to achieve a perfect balance of flavors.   “It may take time, but when it all comes together, the taste is worth the wait, but once it’s gone it’s gone and you have to wait until the following year. It is important that you don’t wait, because 12,000 bottles world wide will disappear in a real hurry, so we recommended that you grab it as soon as you see it.”

     Mount Gay’s 1703 range pays homage to the year the Barbados distillery started production, using the brand’s oldest reserves.