Saturday, December 7, 2013

Walking Along the Beach on St. George's Bay

View from the Flamboyant Beach Resort
Morne Rogue Beach
     One of the really nice things about staying at the Flamboyant Beach Resort in Grenada was the view and proximity to the beaches on Grand Anse Beach and Bay.  As I look down from the veranda of the hotel I am struck with the view of the bay and the beautiful beaches with the surf rolling in against the beach.  As I walk down the road to my left I'm just a half mile or so from the sheltered Morne Rouge Beach, a beautiful westerly facing beach just out side of Grand Anse Bay.

     It is a steep walk down the flights of steps to get from the hotel to the beach, but the soft sand and the ebb and flow of the waves on the beach makes for a very  relaxing stroll down the beach and back.  

     The scenery as you look at the merging of the land, the sea and the sky makes for some of the most beautiful "paintings" that I have ever witnessed.  I couldn't keep from snapping pictures one right after the other.   I think that I still don't believe the way this land, sea, and skyscapes merge together on Grenada's southwest shores.

The "Spice Island" of Grenada is one of the treasures of the Caribbean that you rarely get to enjoy.  Should you be given the opportunity to walk these beaches and enjoy all that the "Spice Island" has to offer, don't miss your chance.   I am looking forward to returning to this little paradise soon and spending more time developing more friendships and seeing more of this fascinating corner of the world.  ;o)