Monday, April 1, 2013

One April

     This is the start of a new month, one with lots of exciting things going on.   We have a Rum Renaissance Festival in Miami, The final four for all of the basketball fans, and oh the start of the NBA championships.   I guess that all of these things are of some importance to a lot of different people.  

    For me it is a month that I get to go to Miami for a week of rum revelry and education.   It is going to be a chance for me to meet with many of my friends in the rum industry and all of you rum enthusiasts that will be attending.   I'm really looking forward to getting away and off the rock for a week.  It is my first trip this year and my first outing since last December.   I know, you don't feel to sorry for me, but like any other place, you need to get away in order to keep your mind growing.   A little rum doesn't hurt either.  

     Today is a day off after a very busy week at the Rum Bar, I actually did sleep in this morning, I guess that I'm not a tough as I once was, but I'm still hanging in there.   The book, "Bahama Bob's Cocktails and Tails" is selling very well and hopefully it will be available on line within the week.  still trying to get all of the stuff together to make it work properly.

     It is with great regret that I will no longer be able to participate in the world of Rum.   After four long years in the grip of the long days and hard work, I'm Quitting.