Saturday, October 1, 2016

Back Out on the Water for Some Aqua-Camping

     It has been over 7 weeks since we have been able to get out on the water and camp for a couple of days.  The weather, the waves and work have kept us pretty much dock bound.   Today we broke the dock lines if you will and it was back out on the water we went.   Cruising to Bahia Honda is always a fun ride, it is filled with interesting sights along the way.

     Upon arrival, it is time to tie up and get the kayak into the water so we can
have our cocktail hour on the bay watching the sun set.  This is such a relaxing time for the two of us and a time that we have missed.   It is funny how just moving up the keys 30 miles can really take the stress and tedium of you everyday life away.  I know how much tedium can there be in Key West.   Actually it is more than you would think.   We call it “getting off of the rock”, and it is more necessary than you might think.  This is a small island, there are only a limited number of things and places to see and do.  The change of seeing and doing something just a bit different really helps a lot.  

     Spending a couple days in a different bed and seeing different places and things helps me to resets your mind back so it is really easy to return and make things happen in a better and more enjoyable way.    It really doesn’t matter where you live you need this kind of a break to keep things happening in a productive manner.  

     I hope you get your chance for a quick getaway every now and again, and
it does for you what our “aqua-camping” does for us.  It is time and money well spent to maintain your balance between day to day fun living and just surviving.  Give it a try even if it just entails going across town or to the lake for a day or two.  Whatever makes your life feel good again is all it takes.