Monday, August 20, 2012

Study shows marriage stops men drinking – as their wives hit the bottle instead

Marriage appears to drive women to drink but has the opposite effect on men, a study has suggested.

Far from encouraging men to patronise a local pub to escape from domestic duties, marriage actively reduces their alcohol intake, according to research being presented at the American Sociological Association today.
However, the effect on women of walking down the aisle appears to be the opposite.
The researchers found that married women generally drink more heavily than single women, widows or divorcees.
By contrast, men who are happily married drink less than their bachelor friends and significantly less than divorced men.
The reason, the researchers conclude, is that while women can help keep their husbands’ drinking habits under control, men are simply a bad influence on their wives.

     This is an interesting revelation, after years of country songs talking about husbands out all night and getting drunk, it turns out that today women's freedoms have driven them to out drink the husbands.     It just might be that the marriage has drive the women to drink and the men to focus more giving them less time for hanging out and drinking.    This leads me to believe that married men are much calmer emotionally and marriage is tending to stress women for some reason, anyway an interesting article on the Mars and Venus ideas of the difference between men and women.   ;o)