Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cancun and Rum Day One ;o)

Day one after several hours of travel to Miami by car and then Airborne to Cancun, I'm at the Sun Palace in Cancun.    Check-in behind me, it is off to the Lobby Bar and some rum that I don' get everyday in America.    " Havana Club Anejo Especial" and a couple of cubes of ice, just what a weary traveler's tired body needs.    After a few of these it is time for a meal and then some more of the spirits.

     I was disappointed that the only Havana Club was the anejo especial, I was hoping for Havana Club 7 Year.  The surprise was how good it was as a sipper.  I've only had the Anejo Especial as a mixer in a mojito's or daiquiri when I was in Cuba.  i had to try it again just to make sure that I wasn't in denial, but after three or so I was sure that it was a very good sipping rum after all.   A few good friends and a bottle of Havana Club makes for a really relaxing afternoon. 

    We got a chance to talk and wonder the grounds of the resort enjoying the rum before supper time.   After dinner it was back to the Lobby Bar and a chance to enjoy another of the rums that I don't find in Key West.   Bacardi Ron Solera is a fine smokey rum that I only seem to be able to enjoy when I am in Mexico.    The rum, the friends and a really great atmosphere make for a wonderful evening to relax and begin a vacation.    

    The 4am rising, the travel, and the rum makes for an early evening and it was off to sleeping time.   The vacation is underway and I'm looking forward to my first full day overlooking the Western Caribbean and by the way did I mention sipping some really good rum.   Today I am going out to "research" the local rum scene in the land of Tequila and see where the rums can be found locally.    The "adventure" continues tomorrow.  ;o)