Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oronoco: Discontinued Brazilian Rum will be Missed

     In or about September of 2010, Diageo made a decision to discontinue the Oronoco brand.   We sold off the last of our available stock yesterday at the Rum Bar in Key West and unfortunately will not be able to replace it.

   "There always has to be something that defies categorization, and in white rum that would be Oronoco. A very different type of rum, made in Brazil from fresh pressed cane juice, with its first distillation in a pot still and two more in a column still. It’s then blended with aged Venezuelan rum and aged several more months in casks made from a Brazilian tree, Amendam."   This rum has many of the characteristics of an agracole rather than a Spanish style rum.    

     The rum is a very shippable rum that seems to blossom on the palate and through the finish.   There is a vanilla and caramel sent along with a slight bit of grassyness on the nose.  This is a very smooth white with a very minimal burn to it.  it is not a dry rum, but rather sweet from the first scent to the finish.  The finish is rather sweet, with a flowery and grassy aftertaste that is very pleasant.

     The bad news is it is no longer available.   Southern Wine and Spirits has been out of it for several months.  It is a good time to search the various liquor stores and grab up any remaining bottles for your collection.  ;o)