Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bodegas 1492: A New Ultra Premium Rum

     Itwas brought to me as a surprise from a yacht broker, but what a pleasant surprise it was.   1492 Ron Anejo Golden Age a relatively new rum produced in Panama initially and currently being made in the Dominican Republic by the Bodegas 1492 Corporation.   The rum is the product of the "lush paradise where the sugar cane, the base and fundamental element of the Caribbean Rum is produced".    It was the history of rum and the romanticism of the discovery of the Caribbean and its unique atmosphere and tropical climate that drove Bodegas 1492 to produce their fine rums.

     "Through our Rum Experts, Bodegas 1492, Corp., presents its wide line of rums aged in the most diverse displays, from 4 to 21 year aged, to satisfy the most select and refined palates of those who seek body, superb balance with a very intense profiles and woody bouquet in a good rum, which through the years of aging, dedication and knowledge, our technicians have developed with the best and most selected alcohols of the Caribbean, to place our product on top of the finest rums of the world."
     "To enhance our products, we have selected for our displays of 18 an 21 years aged, the prestigious company of the Czech Republic, Moser, with whom Bodegas 1492, Corp, has an exclusive contract for the manufacture of handmade bottles."

1492 Anejo Golden Rum is an amber colored rum of exquisite aroma and a palate that seems to have a woody, well balance, complex, and long lasting flavor.  The finish is smooth and warm with no bite at all.  Simply stated a very wonderful tasting viscous rum.    ;o)