Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Governor Alejandro García Padilla Opened the House of Rums in Old San Juan

     At the press conference held in the courtyard of the local, Governor Alejandro García Padilla said The Rum House will serve to enrich the tourist experience of the more than 1.5 million tourists annually from cruise ships, while the rum, one of the most emblematic and internationally known Puerto Rican products are promoted.    "Facing economic difficulties that the country can cross, as most of the other countries of the world, Puerto Rico decides to not close the doors and hide, but to open their doors and show our best face", said the Governor.  "So we chose to extend the tourism, hotels, with new destinations in our country.   We want to let the whole world bring tourists by cruise ships or airlines that will be arriving to expand tourists interest in Puerto Rico".

     According to Carlos Purcell, a local businessman in charge of the design and administration of the House of Rums of Puerto Rico, investment in the development of the project is around $750,000.00 including rehabilitation and construction, machinery and personnel training.   The small structure, built in 1937, initially hosted customs services and subsequently to the tourism company until 2009 when it relocated. The opening of it represented the creation of approximately 55 direct jobs and other 20 indirectly.   The ease of access, added Purcell, has with an area of tasting of rums in which will be present to all of the brands local registered in the program, including Bacardi, Serralles, Club Caribbean, Ron of the Barrilito, and Caray.   Tourists may taste the rums as well as the tapas Puerto Rico in the same place.
     The House of rums is a joint initiative of the Department of economic development and trade, the company's Industrial development through the Rums of Puerto Rico tourism company program, along with the trading and export company and the cooperation of the port authority.