Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Rum Bar is Growing Again.

     The Rum bar is in the middle of an expansion from 212 rums up to 230.     We are currently searching for new rums to complete the expansion.     It is easy to just stick some "Numbers Rums" on the shelf, but the challenge is to fine new distinctive rums that people will enjoy.     One of the things that we are the most proud of at the Rum Bar is the quality of the rums that we currently have on the shelves.     With brands like Abuelo, El Dorado, Plantation, Ron Zacapa, Ron Matusalem, Cockspur, Diplomatico, and many many more, you have the selection to suite your palate. 

     I'm looking forward to the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival beginning on April 25th as a place to sample and locate the exceptional rums I'll need to fill the new shelf at the Rum Bar.     This is the place to learn about the rums, how to get them at your home, and which ones you really like.     Remember that rum is a plate drink and what your friends like may not be what fits your palate.     If you can do like I am and get to the Festival and discover some new rums for yourself.  

     Throughout my travels I keep finding new and wonderful rums that I bring home to the boat, but because they are not available through one of our distributors, we can't sell them at the bar.     Thus, we keep working with out distributors to search their inventories to help us fill the shelves with great new rums.     I wish this was easy like finding rums abroad and just bring them home from the "Duty-Free Shops", but it just doesn't work that way.     It seems that the State and Federal governments want their cut so they have to be gotten through the distributors.      Anyway, I'll keep you abreast of my progress and let you know when I reach the goal of 230 rums on the shelf at the Rum Bar.

     By the way this is the 75th Anniversary of the relegalizing of beer,  April 7, 1933.     I think all rumstylers should raise your beer mug and say yeah!!!!!!!!!       ;o)