Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Real McCoy Rums Joins DAVOS Brands

     Baily Pryor and Guillaume Cuvelier  have joined forces to take "The Real McCoy" Rums national.   "Crafted in the prohibition tradition of America’s pioneer rum runner, Bill McCoy". The Real McCoy expressions are hand-crafted aged rums from the Barbados distillery of Richard Seale made from the finest molasses and purest spring water. These rums are a  combination of column and pot still rums and aged in American Oak whiskey barrels in the traditional style, yielding a clean, smooth and flavorful rum. Richard Seale a very special rum producer, believes in an honest rum with no additives of any sort, thus the pure honest flavors that make this rum "The Real McCoy.    A multi-award winning line including  a 3-year-aged, 5-year-aged, and 12-year-aged rum. Perfect for sipping or creating your premium cocktails, it’s truly "The Real McCoy"!

Pryor Baily
     "The Real McCoy Rum is the brainchild of Bailey Pryor, Film maker. He produced and directed a documentary about the life of Bill McCoy and his role in the establishing the rum running trade which defined the prohibition era. This rum is based on the story of Bill McCoy, the pioneer Rum Runner of the Prohibition era.  When Prohibition began, in January of 1920, McCoy was the first person to fill a boat full of rum down in the Caribbean and sail it up to New York, anchoring 3 miles offshore and acting as a floating liquor store within sight of Manhattan."  Through  the process and research for making the documentary he became intrigued by the rum as well as the story of Bill McCoy.    His journey to find the right rum that would be worthy of "The Real McCoy" name would t end up at the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados and highly respected rum producer Richard L. Seale. This was the beginning of "The Real McCoy Rum" line, a collaboration between Bailey and Richard that would produced 3 unique rums.

Guillaume Cuvelier
     In 1998, Guillaume Cuvelier created the premium vodka brand, SVEDKA, and launched it in the US. After building distribution throughout the US, and developing a provocative and high impact advertising campaign, SVEDKA became the fastest growing vodka in the US. In 2007, with sales over 1,000,000 cases, and a 7% share of the highly competitive imported vodka market, SVEDKA was sold to Constellation Brands, Inc., the largest wine producer in the world, for $384M.  Today he is a part of DAVOS Brands in New York, where he is serving as  their vice chairman.  He will be spearheading the collaboration between DAVOS Brands and The Real McCoy Rums to take the brand to the national level.

     I've taken a real liking to the brand from the start and I'm really proud of Baily Pryor and Richard L. Seale for their fine work and dedication to take this really fine rum to the national level and making it available through our the states in the near future.  ;o)