Saturday, April 2, 2016

This Year's Miami Rum Renaissance Festival Is less than Two Weeks Away

    Enjoy a grand three-day exhibition of the best rum brands, the excitement of the Island Lifestyle Showcase, celebrity seminars, workshops and cocktail competitions, the annual RumXP competition and awards, an opportunity to rub shoulders with dignitaries and notable experts, and more.

No Tickets Sales At The Door
A reminder: tickets for Miami Rum Renaissance Festival will not be sold at the door.
Order tickets and trade passes in advance online or by phone. $75 per day or $125 for three days.

    Tickets are available for the this years Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.   You need to get your tickets ahead of time, because there will not be tickets sold at the door.  This is the Rum Show that you really don't want to miss, there are just a ton of producers and distributors there to introduce you to all of the new rum expressions..