Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Visiting the Inner the City of Havana

     The City of Havana, Cuba is a city of many faces.  It is a city of people, history and diversity of
Entrance to the Harbor
structures.   From the entry of the Havana Harbor to it inner city this city has your eyes in a state of constant scanning.  I stayed in Old Havana where the historic buildings are everywhere, where you case see the history from the remnants of the old wall that once protected the city.

Presidential Palace
     As I drive around the city you see many memorials to their heroes and wonderful architecture that goes back several centuries.  I see government buildings and buildings that were built by industry of the country.   From the top of the Bacardi Building in Old Havana or the Inglaterra Hotel, you have magnificent views of this wonderful old town.

     Among the historic bars, restaurants, hotels
The Old Wall that once surrounded the city
and governmental buildings there are millions of the most wonderfully friendly and fun people anywhere.   A city of historic buildings is a very cold ghost town without its people.  Havana is no exception, the people of Havana are very warm and giving, and they are there to help when needed and seem to enjoy the interactions with the tourists and especially the Americans that have come to see.

Jose Marti Memorial
El Capitolio
    With the warming relations between Cuba and the United States happening, it is time for the American people to get to learn and understand that the politics of Cuba and the warmth of its people are very different.  My visits there have left me with very warm feelings about the country and a place where I can safely wander and explore all of the fun places and sights freely.  This is a place that you need to put into your bucket list and be sure to follow up with soon as you can.  ;o)