Monday, December 17, 2012

Reality Has Set in

    The reality of being back home after a really fun vacation has set in.  I returned to work yesterday, and dealt with the really slow time of the year here in Key West.  Christmas shopping for the locals, and the tourists are waiting for New Years to let it all hang out down here in Key West again.

    There was a beautiful sunrise here in key west yesterday and another today.  These are the tings that get me going and make me so happy to be living down here in paradise. 

Today I'm going to be in the Rum lab playing with some "Valentine" and "Regatta" cocktails for some up coming events.  It seems so strange to be working on 2013 projects when we haven't ended 2012 yet.   This is always fun and gives me an excuse to enjoy some Mount Gay XO while I'm working out toe recipes for the Regatta Cocktails.    The Valentine Cocktails will "require" the use of Rhum Barbancourt, such a shame that I have to deal with all of these rums and rhums in the same day.    

This is the price of reality in my world and a job that I enjoy doing.  I'm just very lucky to be in this position and get to play with some of my favorite spirits on a regular basis.   This is all I have now from Key West, but as the day develops, I'll bet that there will be more things happening to brighten the day.  ;o)