Monday, January 12, 2015

January Beach Day at Bahia Honda State Park

     With all of the singe digit temperatures on the news today is sure nice to know that we have a place here in America immune from all of the snow and freezing weather.   Bahia Honda State park in the lower Florida Keys is such a place.   For the past few weeks I have hopped into the boat and "camped out" at Bahia Honda, enjoying the near 80 degree temperatures and the company of some good friends.  It is a wonderful place to go and decompress for a day or two and just relax is the quiet and beautiful surroundings.

     This past weekend, it was the beach that really surprised me.  The warmth down here for the past few weeks has brought the water temperatures back up to the mid seventy's making it very easy to get into the water again.   Taking long walks along the beach and listening to the waves roll in has a very nice therapeutic effect.  Watching the people frolic in the water and the just plain enjoyment of being able to do this in January is pretty spectacular.

     If you are among those that are snowed or frozen in right now, come along and enjoy my virtual
tour of Bahia Honda State Park Beach.  You can pretend that you too are here and walking the sands as the waves lap at your feet as you amble down the beach.  ;o)