Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Chill is Down from the North

   Today is the coldest day down here this winter, heavy jackets and all to keep warm.   I know we are a bunch of wooses, but that is why we live in the tropics.    If I sound down, it's because this kind of weather is not what makes our visitors happy to be here.  I really like having happy people visiting me at the bar and enjoying themselves.  This is not the weather they came down for.

    We do need the rain like we had yesterday, but the cold, not so much.   I'll be looking forward to Monday when the winds will settle down and the temperatures warm back up.   This is the same cold front that brought all the snow to the North, now it is bringing highs in the 60's today and tomorrow for us.  In fact it is so cold down here even the internet is moving in slow motion.  

    For those down here that keep telling me it is nice compared to where they are from, places like North Dakota, Maine or Upstate New York, I agree, but for Key West it is just plain COLD.    Anyway, I share your pain and the reasons that you head south like the smart birds do, the North is great in June, July and August, but the rest of the time just head on down to the tropics and enjoy the warm.  ;o)