Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rum Bloggers Decend on Key West

Cork and Stogie
Cork and Stogie     Conched in Key West Bar Crawl brought some 40 plus rum blogging visitors to Duval Street Saturday for some fun times sampling the rum concoctions of Key West.     This was a fun charity event that started at Cork and Stogie, then to Pearl's Patio, on the the Rum Bar, then to Overboard, across the street to Willie T's, and finally finishing at Krawl off Duval.     It would appear that a great time was had by all involved.

Pearl's Patio
     The event moved along with the Bike Week activities that were going on at the same time.     This made for a really lively time on Duval Street as these two events evolved together.     The crawl started at the Cork and Stogie, where every one met to partake their first crawl cocktail of the afternoon.     Soon they were wandering a foot to Pearl's Patio for their next cocktail or two in the fun atmosphere of the patio.

The Rum Bar
    The third stop brought them   to the Rum Bar where I got to take a shot at them with a Denizen Rum Punch.    I do have to say we had a great time with the whole bunch of them there along with many of the regulars all there at the same time.    It was fun because beside the punch I was able to share some of the new cocktails that we have been developing at the Rum Lab over the past few months.   The wheels were getting well greased as they left the Rum Bar and heading north on Duval Street.

Overboard Key West
     Next it was Overboard Key West, a new Bar and Grill here on Duval Street, where the "Shot Doctor" got to spin his magic for the group.     The Shot Doctor is a stethoscope that has a shot glass at the end of the hose for your convenience to have a glass when ever a shot is offered.    Staying in the "doctor vein", an IV filled with the shot for the stop was administered to all.    This too was a fun stop, but it was time to move on again.

Willie T's
     Willie T's, the rock 'n roll club on Duval would be the place to get the next to the last cocktail of the crawl.   Standing under the dollar bills and other paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling, the crawlers were able to enjoy still another cocktail that was specially created for the event.    By now the effects of the previous four stops were starting to show on some of the crawlers.    Now it was time for the crawlers to make their way to the final stop of the crawl.

Krawl off Duval
     What a fitting place to end the Conched in Key West Bar Crawl, at Krawl off Duval.    This is another of the new venues here in Key West, specializing in craft beer and making many of their own brew.
By now the crawlers were more and the walkers were less, but the fun was to continue as they tried some of the quality beers offered up by the staff.

     With the event coming to an end and the group's participation was able to raise some much needed money's for the military families living here in Key West.    Thanks to "Tommy Nikon" for providing all of the pictures for me, and to all of the crawlers that had so much fun .     ;o)