Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Cuba, Time Stopped in 1959

     The most asked question I get from my recent trip to Havana, is are the cars really that old and in that good of shape?     Yes they are.    The part that amazes me is the way that the Cuban people are able to keep updating the cars to keep them going with so few parts .  
     There is everything from Fiat 500's to heavy Duty Ford trucks running up and down the streets all day long.    There are some more modern Korean and Russian vehicles, but the majority of the cars are from the mid 40's through the 1959.   I did see a 1960 Ford Thunderbird though.

   I have to take my hats off to the Cuban people for keeping these old relics in very good condition and their ingenuity to do so.     There are many of these older models with diesel motors, many with disc brakes, and some with heavy duty truck components driving the chassis.      The sheet metal work is incredible and they seem to be able to create replacement pieces for any of the body parts that need repairing.

      I really enjoyed the trip back in time to Havana and to have been able to see this fin city and the surrounding country sides and how well they have been preserved.   Like I’ve said so many times before, it is a sight that you can hear about and see pictures of many many times, but until you see it, you just have to experience it to understand.     Just enjoy the pictures and make it happen for yourself when you can.   ;o)