Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big Week Ahead

     Fantasyfest is behind us now, but this is a huge week here also.    First there is a Rum Lab today, then Tomorrow the Annual Phlocking of the Parrotheads to Key West begins, Thursday we have a Denizen Rum Promotion at the Rum Bar, Friday a Ron Centenario 7 Year Old Rum Promotion at the Rum Bar, and Finally on Saturday morning it is off the The Virgin Islands.

     The Meeting of the Minds as it is called begins Wednesday and there will be literally thousands of Parrotheads in Key West hoping for a glimpse of Jimmy Buffett as they party up and down Duval Street.     This annual phlocking as they call it is just a great excuse to leave the cold weather of the north and come south for a break and party to escape winter.  

     Denizen is the Thursday rum tasting event at the Rum Bar this week.    There will be some very fine cocktails that showcase this fine rum for $5 each.     This is a high quality rum that will make your palate happy as you enjoy one of the 5 great cocktails.     The event runs from 1pm until 5pm and you are all requested to make an appearance at the Rum Bar and enjoy some of the fun and fine rum cocktails.

     Ron Centenario takes center stage at the Rum Bar on Friday with another fun rum tasting party to celebrate the new Ron Centenario 7 Year Old Rum.    This too will feature $5 cocktails that are made with this fantastic Costa Rican rum.    The event runs from 1pm until 5 pm.      Please take some time out of your day as you move up and down Duval Street on Thursday and Friday to stop by and I'll be proud to  mix your Denizen and Ron Centenario cocktails personally.

My friend Martin Cates Tiki Style
     Today is going to be another of the Rum Labs, but a bit different this time.    We are going to try to mix purely Tiki Style cocktails and try to travel back to the Tiki Era of the 40's through the 80's.     This was the era of Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic, both of which were responsible for many of the wonderful cocktails that we still enjoy to this day.   

Finally Saturday it is off to the Virgin Islands for more rum research and adventure  for a week.   Then to Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, Martinique, Antigua, St. Croix, and back to Puerto Rico.    This will be a great trip to visit 7 distilleries and find new rums for the Rum Bar and the Rum Lab to bring to you.    ;o)