Friday, March 18, 2016

Kayaking Bahia Honda

     Well, the confidence is high and it is time to really start enjoying the kayak.   Off we go on three different cruises. the first was out to the island in the Atlantic just about a mile off of the beach.  We started peddling and away we went on about a 45 minute cruise to see this little island that is surrounded by shoals.  It is impossible to get near it in a boat of any size, but the kayak just cruises up to it easy as can be.  It looks nice and sandy from afar, but upon arrival we discover it is a beach of broken sea shells that are very sharp and nearly impossible to walk on.  It was cool anyway to just cruise up there and see what it was really about.  After leaving the island we cruised a bit to the east along the Atlantic side beach until we decided to turn around and head back to the marina for a rest and a little bit of lunch.

    OK, confidence really high to this time we head north into the Gulf of Mexico and follow the coastline along the mangroves and enjoy all of the bird life and really got a serious workout this trip.   The trip took us an hour and we traveled nearly 5 miles round trip.  The legs felt like rubber by the time we got back.  It was seriously time for a rest, "it is hell getting old".   Anyway it was time for the afternoon cocktails on the aft deck of "Lil Sanity".   Of course, I for got the camera on the long run to the gulf, but it was probably for the best because we were worn out enough without chasing down the birds and other sights along the way.

     Well rested and a few cocktails to numb the legs is was time for cocktail kayaking.  Cocktails in the drink holders and camera in had we headed under the bridge and out into the Atlantic again to just make slow circles and enjoy the nice cold rum cocktails.   This is a great way to relax and bring a really fun day on the water to a close.  We cruised very slowly for about an hour took in all of the sights and when the glasses were empty we stared back in to enjoy the sunset from the aft deck.