Saturday, October 14, 2017

Boy Can Mother Nature be a Bitch

Tree Damage in Key West
     Just a little over a month ago Irma hit Florida, Harvey nailed Texas in August and now Northern California is being wiped out by a fire storm.  2017 will go down as a year of natural disasters of epic proportions.   

Wind Destruction from Irma in the Keys
     The final report just came out on the damage in the Florida Keys.   There were some 675 structures destroyed, 465 were on Big Pine Key, the assessment says. Eighty-one were on Cudjoe Key. Houses also were crushed on Big Coppitt Key, Geiger Key, Little Torch Key, Lower Sugarloaf Key, Ramrod Key, Stock Island, Rockland Key, Sugarloaf Key, Summerland Key and Scout Key.  Twenty-three houses were destroyed in Key Largo and 10 on Conch Key.  The assessments were done by county staff going house to house, looking at the exteriors. Inspectors did not enter the buildings.  The report says 583 structures had “major” damage and 2,739 sustained “minor” damage. Overall, 10,009 houses were “affected” by the Category 4 Irma that landed Sept. 10 and 3,884 were not affected in the unincorporated areas.

Fire in Northern California
     In Northern California, in just one week, and none of the fires under control there have been some In Santa Rosa, the hardest hit by the fires, officials said they were stunned by the scale of the destruction. An estimated 2,834 homes were destroyed in the city of Santa Rosa alone, along with about 400,000 square feet of commercial space, Santa Rosa Mayor Chris Coursey said in a news conference Thursday afternoon.  Flames left entire neighborhoods and commercial districts in ruins and even destroyed the city’s newest fire station, on Fountaingrove Parkway.  

Harvey Brought Flooding
     14 were Killed in all of Monroe County by Irma and there have already been 31 killed by the fires and 81 by Harvey.  These are really scary events that have been happening on both ends and the center of our country. in August, September and October this year. The damages are in the hundreds and hundreds of billion dollars and the personal losses can't be calculated.  It has been a rough 2017 for a lot of people.