Thursday, September 10, 2015

A New Group of Rat Key Rum Tastings

     Monday was another meeting of "The Rat Key Rum Tasting Association", sharing some very rare Isla de Cana, Denizen's Merchant Reserve, Pilar solera barrel proofs, The Real McCoy 12 Year, and Ron Roble Ultra Anejo.  All of these were exceptional expressions that made this the best tasting yet.  These for the most part were expressions that most rum tasters rarely get to try and we had all of them there at the same time.
Don Pancho's never distributed

     Something that I need to emphasize, the are a group that truly enjoy fine rums and we are not a group of "pirates" throwing back swill until we are stumbling drunk.   We each have tasting glasses and share small amounts that we can taste and enjoy.  We are here to share the fine rum collections that we have with like minded aficionados of the rums.

     We asked each other what the favorite was, and it was very hard to decide, I used my "trademark" answer, the on I had in my hand at that time.  All of these were very special and the story behind them was just as interesting as the rums themselves. The pleasure of sharing these among people that can really appreciate them is just one of life's great experiences.   We are very lucky down here in keys to have so many truly talented rum people that can gather on a regular basis to just enjoy the fine rums this world has to offer.

     With the days getting shorter and shorter, we had our last rum at sunset and a spectacular one it was Monday night.  The really good news is Monday we convene again to repeat the process of sharing friendship and fine rum at the meeting grounds on Rat Key.