Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to Do With a Day Off?

     Tuesday  is my day off these days, and with summer around and many of my friends in Ponce, Puerto Rico visiting the Serralles Distillery, I'm wondering what I am going to be doing to stir up a little bit of excitement down here in Key West.      I could grab a couple of bottles of rum and go off to a deserted Island and enjoy the pleasures of some nice quality rum and relax.     The only question would be how would I get back and not end up on a reef or in jail after enjoying several bottles  of rum?     A run out to the sand bar or Boca Grande is not out of the question, the seas are calm today and that is always a fun trip.

     I've already got a full tank of gas in the dinghy, sun is shining, and the seas are calm.    This sounds like the perfect thing to be doing today.    Maybe a little bit of rum and a few ice cubes for the trip and sit on the beach there and watch the tides come in and go out.     That is one of the most relaxing things that I do on a day off.    The sea has such a relaxing effect on me as I cruise across it and get out to some of the more remote keys that surround Key West.    It is my hope that you have your special place to get out and relax and let the stresses of the week go away  for you as well.  

     Thank you for your company today and you enjoy your day and I'll head out for some R & R and  talk to all of  you again tomorrow.     ;o)