Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When I Think About Rum: I Think About St. Lucia

     St. Lucia is a beautiful island that combines the hustle of a city with the quiet of an agricultural community.    The bus ride out of the city to the Roseau Valley and the home of the St. Lucia Distilling Group was an interesting dichotomy between the city and the country.

     Once we got to the distillery and a chance to tour the plant, it became clear why the rums that are produced here have the very special flavor they do.     The unique stills and the care that is put into the preparation of the barrels used to rest the rums really tells the whole story.    The pride and expertise of the people that work here shows from the fermentation to the tasting room.    There is little doubt as to why the products that are produce here have the quality they do.          I find the pride and the focus that goes into these rums very stimulating in that you get out of a venture what you put into it.    This dedication is hard to find and is always a pleasure to observe when given the opportunity.
     Chairman's Reserve Rums are among some of the finest anywhere and always a pleasure to sip and enjoy when at home on the boat.     The enjoyment not only comes from the fine rum, but it comes from the feelings of the dedicated people we met there at the distillery.    Their top line rums like "Admiral Rodney" and "1931" will stand along side some the best in the world and quite often do in the festivals  throughout the world.

     So I guess you can understand that when I think about rum I really do have to think about St. Lucia and the St. Lucia Distiller's Group and their really fine group of rums.    Find one of the Chairman's Reserve  Rums and you won't be disappointed.     ;o)