Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Appleton Introduced a New Look for its Appleton Estate Rums

     Back in April of this year it was announced that Appleton Estate was introducing new branding for its Appleton Estate expressions.  It has at least in my bar been very confusing for many of my customers.  I decided to run the story of what the change was all about.

     “Grupo Campari announced the rebranding of its Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum premium line of rums.   Rest assure the high quality rum that Appleton Estate is known for has not changed.  Grupo Campari has introduced new naming classifications and packaging design for the core Appleton Estate expressions.”

     First of all none of the rums themselves have changed.   This was a change to modernize the look of the line and to bring some new attention to the expressions.  Blow are what they were and what the names have been changed to.

  •       Appleton Estate Signature Blend is the new name for Appleton Estate V/X           
  •       Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is the new name for Appleton Estate Reserve
  •       Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old is the new name for Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Old
        “We wanted the new packaging to capture the craftsmanship and exceptional quality of   our           range and celebrate the uniqueness of the Appleton Estate including our heritage, our land, our         process and our people.”   Appleton Master Blender, Joy Spence

         I hope that this has helped to clear up the confusion.  ;o)